Mining Investigations


GroundSearch are subcontracted by all of the mining consultants in Cornwall to provide the drilling equipment and personnel. Clients include:

  • Cornwall Consultants
  • Mine Searches UK
  • West Country Mines and Proprietary Surveys
  • Wheal Jane Consultancy
  • Henderson Mines Research
  • Geotechnics
  • Ian Farmer
  • Redrock
  • Ruddlesden Geotechnical



Ground Source Boreholes

We utilise our Rotary Rigs and equipment to install monitoring pipework. We also drill and install closed loop systems for all heatpump manufacturers.




Site Investigations


We have various Rotary Drilling rigs and equipment capable of Window Sampling, Odex, SPT, and Coring.





Specialist Contracting

Piling - Rotary Odex type steel cased piles up to 200mm diameter.

Diamond Coring - Wireline and conventional coring systems capable of reaching 150m.